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Session Schedule Pricing & FAQ

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My goal is to assist you to develop resources, and feel safe and supported while you are experiencing a session and to take these tools with you throughout life…


An initial consult may include:

  • an intention setting and planning session to explore whether you have a desire to work toward a functional goal or are in need of transitional support or physical symptom restoration and rebalance
  • explore where you are at with meeting all your basic needs
  • what does self care look like for you and how you justify the need or the lack
  • integration from surgery (dental included)

Receiving an initial consult session can settle your instinct to be partially alert upon the first meeting with me and you can then be able to assess whether I am the right fit for you. During this time, we can establish a relational connection for your energetic field to meet mine in a neutral place. My goal is to meet you where you are, from a neutral place in order to allow you to feel more open. From this, the opportunity to receive on a table will be in a much more fully relaxed state. An initial consult can take anywhere from 1/2 hour to 3 hours maximum and as well,  may include a table session.

If you would just like to arrive and have a table session with the focus of settling or integrating – a typical table session lasts 1 – 2 hours.


My rate is $50/hour

 Sessions in Gibsons @ 616 Seaview Rdmonarch

  • Monday’s 10am-2pm
  • Wednesday’s 7pm to 8:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday by request

Note:  more session times are available in Davis Bay – please call for more information and to be arranged upon request

Sessions are available on Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Holiday’s by request


What to wear during a session?

Please arrive wearing layers of comfortably loose clothing, similar to what you might wear to do yoga. Comfort is the key word.

Who are my clients?

My clients look at their body as their primary messenger in their whole system of life and lifestyle.

Often my clients are therapists who need to receive sessions for various reasons: decompression, re connection to self and often to simply receive support. The best therapists are the most resourced and supported, it is from this place that creativity originates, as well as lightheartedness.

Often my clients have tried everything else. Biodynamic Cranisosacral Therapy is unique in that it is not about “DO-ing” something to fix something, it is about supporting your system to find its own path toward restoration.


Our bodies are designed to orient toward HEALTH  & toward what our physiological design was created to be, “Our Blueprint”.

As we create our path to our form, we arrive and develop inutero, pass through a birth canal and grow up through various energetic fields (epigenetic or morphogenetic fields); these fields modify our Blueprint called Imprints. Imprints are like adding a dormer onto the roof line of our existing home.