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Insomnia doesn’t start overnight…

May 11, 2017


Insomnia doesn’t start overnight…

Insomnia doesn’t start overnight, in fact it just sneaks up on you…

There are many directions to head when looking into stopping the insomnia pattern, I ended a 9 year episode of insomnia and have some idea just how much sleep deprivation  impacts your life!
If you have a few ideas about what is causing your wakefulness through the night along with drowsiness periods during the day, take some time and write them down…
By monitoring the times during the daytime – during your ‘awake’ hours when drowsiness overtakes you, a bigger picture will begin to unveil itself. You may begin to see you have a pattern that could be easily changed. Find out what are you doing when the drowsiness occurs? Is there any chance you’ll allow the drowsiness to take you into a nap? Do you push through, have an afternoon ‘pick me up’…what is it that you do?
If you choose to continually ignore the signs of tiredness and continually push past a window to allow sleep or a nap, your system gets the message to ignore, ignore, ignore and eventually completely just bypasses these signals altogether and a new ‘normal’ begins to take its place. The body in this situation will continue to get depleted if this is continued however.
Do you have any habits that may affect your ability to relax? (caffeine, physical activities, drugs – prescription or over counter, alcohol consumption etc).
  • How comfortable is your bed? Do you have any physical pains? Do you take pain relief?
  • How welcoming is your bed? (is it something luxurious to climb into?)
  • Do you sleep in a particular position?
  • Do you share your bed with another person, pet or child?
  • What time(s) do you tend to awaken in the night after going to ‘bed’?
  • Do you sleep in ‘cat naps’ waking frequently in the night?
  • Is your brain activated by waking then too busy to go back to sleep?
  • Do you snore or sweat at night in bed? Do either of these bother you enough to wake you?
  • Are there any other patterns or thoughts you have that might create a sleep interruption?
Often people say they feel like their adrenals are on overdrive, well, definitely cortisol running through your system from lack of sleep and stress create a vicious cycle.  Monitoring your patterns is the beginning of shifting this cycle. It gives you an opportunity to see your patterns and begin to take steps towards change. Sometimes however, your nervous system needs some help with this change.
How craniosacral therapy works is to help your nervous system slow right down and remember what it feels like to feel well rested and at ease.  I call these sessions and opportunity for a reboot when during a session, the nervous system remembers how to slow down enough to be able to rest, then rest will come more naturally afterwards. On the contrary if we continue patterns that keep us pushing through our signs of tiredness, pulling the override button too often will easily get the nervous system spiked and unable to know when it’s safe or good to ‘let down’ and ‘let go’ and release all thoughts and muscle tensions and just rest.
There simply is no simple answer as every person comes with their own magic bag of tricks to create this disturbance in your balance of sleep and awake cycles.
If you would like some assistance with regulating your sleep or ability to rest and even relax please call for an appointment, I’m here to assist you in getting back on track.
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