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Changing habits & setting up to succeed…

Jan 22, 2016


Changing habits & setting up to succeed…

Changing habits aren’t necessarily easy – but I really know that if you want something to change, shifting a habit is where you need to start…setting some rules for doing this in a way that is setting you up to succeedgoddess includes…

  • picking one habit at a time
  • being gentle on yourself
  • setting yourself up to succeed with the new habits your wanting in your life

Setting up good habits requires looking at where you want to be first then working backwards from there.

For example, you want to be able to rise up with the birds every morning feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep? You might want to look at your night time routine to see how and what you are doing to set yourself up for success for that morning rise and shine feeling. Working from your goal point backwards here are 8 Things Every Person Should Do After 8 P.M. – Benjamin Hardy

One way to succeed in changing habits is to find a goal that is ONE step in the right direction, avoid creating a huge to do list that overwhelms – yet find a way to challenge yourself outside your “norm-world” that shifts your lifestyle enough to make you take notice. I mean find something that slightly rocks your boat, but keeps you afloat and totally able to rise to the occasion. How do you measure this? Try this article on How to find the sweet spot of difficulty

After you’ve mastered even changing one routine for the end of your day, give yourself something to celebrate the effort and shift. Make it measurable, make it notable, make it real, make it count. One of the most significant ways in celebrating the shift in a habitual pattern is to register with how you now FEEL as a result of having taken this step. To complete this task, acknowledge yourself with gratitude for the effort, as well as truly realizing that you are worthy of this for YOU!